Norwegian Content Writer
Norwegian Content Writer

Norwegian content writers at your service. Are you expanding your freelancing team, and therefore looking for more Norwegian content writers who are passionate about the written word? We help foreign companies to talk in engaging, persuasive Norwegian.

Your words need to do far more than just describe your product or services. They need to grab the attention of your target audience, engage with them, keep them interested and persuade them to take action in a language they know and trust. With a Norwegian native content writer your text will appeal to your target customer and persuade them to take the desired action.

Too often foreign businesses use a simple translation service for their Norwegian text. This rarely takes localisation into account nor the different psychology of your Norwegian customer. Don’t run the risk of confusing your Norwegian audience. Native speakers will notice mistakes, and they will start to doubt the quality of your products and services.

Getting Your Message Accross to the Norwegian Audience

In the fast-moving global knowledge economy, “Norglish” is no longer good enough. Using the wrong words could mean an instant market failure when entering the Norwegian market. Experience since 2005 helping companies from all around the world to adapt their message into Norwegian. Make sure to use a Norwegian content writer that can write text in native Norwegian. This way your customers will trust both the text, and your products.

The Norwegian Freelance Content Writer is responsible for the creation of writing engaging copy. A content writer aims to persuade target audiences through his superb writing skills.

Norwegian content writer responsibilities:

  • Create compelling Norwegian content from scratch according to creative briefs
  • Maintaining appropriate and consistent brand voice, tone and style
  • Use a variety of writing styles that are appropriate for each project
  • Review, proofread and edit content
  • Do online research to complete assignments
  • Create SEO friendly content

  • Norwegian freelance writer qualification and skills:

  • Impeccable command of the Norwegian language, including spelling, usage, vocabulary and grammar (native level)
  • Prior experience working as a content writer or other relevant roles
  • Basic knowledge of SEO best practices or willingness to learn
  • Keen eye for proofreading written materials
  • Professional work ethic

  • Experienced Norwegian content writers offer a wide range of professionals in the field of content writing with varying levels of experience:

  • Health, beauty, fashion
  • Gaming, Poker, Online Casino
  • Sports Betting, Sports, eSports
  • Travel, Entertainment
  • Marketing
  • Finance, Legal

  • If you are looking for a content writer to strengthen your position in the Norwegian market, contact us today

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