Norwegian blogs and webpages that accept sponsored content
Norwegian blogs and webpages that accept sponsored content

Looking for Norwegian blogs and webpages that accept sponsored content? Sponsored Content is a perfect way to reach out to small business decision makers, plays a valuable role in a strategy of paid, owned and earned media. We show you how to reach Norwegian blogs and webpages that accept sponsored content.

Many brands are sponsoring articles on blogs or other online publications with large preexisting audiences. With content marketing adoption rates so high, many brands are looking to native advertising to promote their content. Most marketing campaigns these days combine inbound and outbound strategies. A regular blog, an active social media campaign, and savvy SEO coexist with mobile and banner ads, print advertisements, and maybe even a direct mail promotion, depending on your business.

Sponsored content combines elements of both. Much like a blog or an article on your website, sponsored content provides useful information that aims to engage the reader early in the buying journey.

What is sponsored content?

Sponsored content is advertising that looks and reads like editorial. The tone and look of the piece blends into a publication’s editorial content but should be clearly labeled as sponsored or promotional content. Sponsored content is a way to express your opinion in a writer’s voice. It’s a great way to promote yourself without promoting yourself. If you’re promoting an event, an advertisement only gives you a few words to deliver your message. With a sponsored story readers can experience the event before they go and make an educated decision.

Benefits of Sponsored Content

  • Raise awareness for your brand, product or service. This is especially important in competitive markets, or when you’re a new or up-and-coming entrant. Established businesses find value when launching a new offering or reinvigorating an existing product or service.
  • Educate your target audience. Sponsored Content is a great way to educate your target audience about aspects of your company, product or service. This may include sponsored videos and sponsored reviews.
  • Develop thought leadership. Some Sponsored Content is on informational topics that you want your brand associated with in your target audience’s mind. If a small business decision-maker has a business need, does your brand instantly come to mind? If not, Sponsored Content can play a pivotal role to help you get on their radar screen.
  • Build positive sentiment toward your brand. Small business owners and entrepreneurs notice Sponsored Content. They appreciate your efforts to reach out and inform them. Sponsored Content as part of an overall marketing campaign helps manage how the small business community perceives your brand.

  • How to find Norwegian sites for sponsored content?

    There is no big sites or communities for connecting with Norwegian blogs and websites that accept sponsoed content. You find many of these services in other languages, but to find Norwegian sites is a lot of work. Still there is ways to do this:

    #1 Use Google Search – Norwegian guidelines for sponsored content, advice the website owners to mark the articles with sponsored content, or sponsored article. Many include the keyword sponsored content in titles and meta description, and this will show in Google Search. We found many Norwegian sites that has earlier published sponsored content, and there is a big chance they will do it again if you give them a offer.

    #2 Search for relevant sites within your topic – Make a list of blogs and webpages that are relavant to your topic, and that have the audience you want to reach. Gather their contact information and send them first a email to tell them who you are and if they accept sponsored content or articles. Make it short and simple, the worst thing that can happend is that they say no.

    #3 Let us help you – We are currently writing content for many big companies that pay bloggers and website owners for sponsored content. We also have a list of Norwegian sites and blogs that are interested in sponsored articles. Contact us, you never know, maybe we can help you.

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