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Earn money writing Norwegian content

Are you Norwegian and like to write articles or content for blogs and websites? Then NorwegianContent.com is the right place for you. NorwegianContent.com provide unique, custom content in Norwegian to companies all over the world. Our clients, including small business owners, e-commerce websites, social media communities, and publishing houses, require a broad variety of content in Norwegian.

If you are just starting out or are an experienced professional, NorwegianContent.com gives you access to writing opportunities for many topic. Our sales and marketing team recruits clients every day – this means thousands of new content writing opportunities for you to earn money online.

What does NorwegianContent.com pay to their freelance authors?

We offer authors several options to earn money online. Based on your content quality, our editors rate your articles. Based on topics you will get offers sent to your email with project information, price and delivery time.

Your earnings

  • 350 words article/content = 70 Euro ( price pr word 0,02 )
  • 500 words article/content = 100 Euro ( price pr word 0,02 )
  • 1000 words article/content = 175 Euro ( price pr word 0,0175 )
  • 5000 words article/content = 625 Euro ( price pr word 0,0125 )
  • 10000 words article/content = 1000 Euro ( price pr word 0,01 )

  • Make money as a NorwegianContent.com author

    Do you want to make money writing? Do you like to choose your writing assignments and to write on your own time? Do you want to work from home or from any other location in the world? As a freelance author you can choose from orders every day, and are free to decide how much or little they would like to write. We pay you for your articles as soon as the client accepts them. Our editors regularly rates your articles and provides you with helpful tips on how you can refine your writing skills.

    Your writing test article

    Write a article on a topic of your choice. It is best to choose a topic that you are familiar and experienced with. Many clients order articles related to travel, so if you write a aricle within that topic, there is a big chance it will be sold, and you will get paid for it. The minimum text length is 500 words, and it is important that the article is not published earlier.

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